Leica Camera AG — Leica Q

The Leica Q is arguably one of the most functional cameras that the company, founded in 1914, currently makes. While Leica is famously known for their beautiful, highest-quality rangefinder series, the M, they’ve actually been expanding their lineup quite a bit in the past few years with some great systems.

The Q has a fixed 28mm lens and a full-frame 24MP CMOS sensor that together capture gorgeously vivid and realistic photographs. The body is made from aluminum and magnesium, making for an extremely solid feel overall. It’s hard to find a company in any field with the kind of industrial design skills that Leica has. This camera is full of tiny details, and you really have to hold one in your hands to fully appreciate it.

One of our favorite design details of Leica cameras is the proprietary typeface used, called LG1050. It’s wonderfully readable, utilitarian, and uniquely Leica.