TDA Boulder — Izze Sparkling Juice

Izze was started in Boulder, Colorado, when two best friends Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh were—in their own words—“having a drink and talking about life and stuff”. Todd and Greg had decided that they wanted to make a drink that was as good tasting as it was good for the world of soda. Inspired by the sophisticated, all-natural sodas common in Europe, they decided that it was time to bring something like that to America.

The logo and packaging was designed by TDA, a small advertising agency, also based in Boulder. The design came to them from hanging around in grocery stores, amazed by all of the clutter on almost every package they set their hands on. They were determined to make something better for Izze, while still making it compelling enough to attract the mainstream market to an organic, natural, juice-sweetened soda.

Personally, Izze is up their with some of my favorite packaging of all time.