Gray Organschi Architecture — Cottage

Gray Organschi is an architecture firm based in Connecticut whose work explores the intersection of design and building production. In their own words, Gray Organschi “recognizes building as a medium through which architectural ideas are most forcefully explored and unforgivingly expressed; as an undertaking that consumes physical and environmental resources as it irrevocably alters the character and culture of a place.”

The structure that we are featuring today is a small guest house that stands in an upland meadow overlooking the Long Island Sound and Thimble Islands, dotted with large oaks and granite outcroppings.

“The sedum-covered shed roof, a steeply pitched plane lifted by the ‘pressure’ of the spaces beneath it, is another planted surface in the garden that spills excess water into the landscape. Our glazing details are intended to dematerialize the building’s seams: eaves come apart from the walls, corners detach, the roof tears open to connect the light bamboo-lined interior to the expanse and beauty of the site; long views, the canopies of oaks, and the ever-changing coastal sky encompass the small building.”