The Mind Embodied is a sex therapy and relationship counseling practice that is committed to providing an environment of safety, trust, and non-judgement. With focuses on issues around sexual abuse/trauma, compulsive sexual behavior, gender identity, sexuality, and intimacy, Scott Church strives to help his clients explore their feelings with openness, compassion, and acceptance.

We designed the brand identity for The Mind Embodied, as well as its website, business cards, and digital experience.

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Our main focus with The Mind Embodied website was to make a design that was not only informative, but also friendly. It's extremely important to Scott and his customers that the practice always projects a welcoming and comfortable attitude.

But the web can sometimes be a cold and not-so-welcoming place, so we had to carefully consider every decision. We wanted to make people feel really good when they visit.

In the end, warm, organic photography and a first-person narrative that feels truly genuine really helps to make the site a success.




"Your personality/temperament and communications skills are some of the best and most conducive I have worked with in a graphic artists/designer. I genuinely enjoyed collaborating with you."




We experimented extensively with the mediums used for The Mind Embodied logo. After finding that drawing the logo on the computer wasn't creating the organic, imperfect line quality that we were hoping for, we changed things up and decided to move to a non-digital process called linocut.




Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a block of linoleum—a hard, rubber-like material glued to a plank of wood—is carved and shaped with a sharp chisel, then rolled with ink and pressed onto paper.

We hand-carved The Mind Embodied logo over the course of two or three days, and then scanned it in to make some very minor final edits.




"You are talented and have great ideas–moreover, you take feedback and are able to adapt your ideas in a way that is open-minded and very accommodating."