Almost three years before starting Lovably, our founder, Dylan, decided to make and independently release a record called Claye. By the time the recording and mixing process was finally starting to wrap up, he was busy launching Lovably.

During this time, the next stage of the Claye project was already well underway: the cover artwork, website, and marketing materials.



As music lovers, we adore the immersive experience that vinyl records give us. But working on an independent release with a very tight budget meant that we couldn't press any physical records at launch.

Instead of crying over the budget, we took this as an opportunity to go above and beyond with the digital experience for Claye. We set out to provide listeners with an experimental attempt at making streaming music more emotional and immersive.

For Claye, we designed a site called WebLP, which let anybody stream the entire album for free, along with accompanying artwork and liner notes for each song.


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The next problem to solve was distributing Claye at shows and other in-person events. Should we have a bunch of wasteful, plasticy, and delicate CDs made? Should we just tell people to look it up when they get home?

We solved this problem with beautiful download cards, made with recycled paper and printed in America.