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We make the best websites for interior designers. Based in New York, Lovably Inc. is a multidisciplinary design studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas.


We are a design studio based in New York.
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Featured Projects

Hernandez Greene

Hernandez Greene is an interior design studio based in New York City whose hallmark is sophisticated homes characterized by a refined sense of color, texture, and pattern. Katrina and Joshua brought Lovably in to create a new website with a concentration on the subtlety and nuance of the firm's work.

Legaspi Courts Design

Founded in 2011, Legaspi Courts Design is a respected architectural and interior design studio based in Los Angeles. We worked closely with the founding partners, Edel Legaspi and Christopher Courts, on a comprehensive rebranding of the studio.

02 Amy Meier Design - Project Page.jpg

Amy Meier Design

Amy Meier Design is a full-service interior design boutique located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Amy worked with us to completely redesign and rebuild her website from the ground up. Traditional typefaces and a warm color palette are paired with modern web design sensibilities to create an online space that thoughtfully represents Amy's work.

01 Fink & Platt - Project Cover.jpg

Fink & Platt

Fink & Platt Architects is a design firm founded in New York City in 1998 by partners Janet Fink and Arthur Platt. The firm creates modern architecture and interiors with a sensitivity to historic structures and context. Working with Janet and Arthur, we shaped an honest and comprehensive online presence with a project-centric focus.

Marianne Simon

Marianne Simon is a Seattle-based interior designer who has built her reputation by creating timeless interiors that honor both classic and current elements.


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