Pentagram — “High Yield, Future Tense” by Martin S. Fridson CFA

Back from the weekend, today’s post features NYC—based Pentagram and their fantastic work on “High Yield, Future Tense”, a book from the New York Society of Security Analysts about the predictive future of high yield bonds.

Pentagram fit so many interesting design decisions into this book, it’s incredible. There is so much unexpected beauty throughout, that even the Table of Contents is inspiringly creative and gorgeous. The playful usage of color at first seems almost bizarre given the topic of the literature, but it ends up working in its favor, assisting readers who typically would have trouble being engaged with arguably unrelieved and serious text. It actually ends up working as an aid, rather than a distraction.

Pentagram's Eddie Opara, the man who led this project, told Wired Magazine the following bit of tasteful advice: “If you don’t like color don’t fucking read the book.”