Simone Rubi, Feist - The Reminder

An endlessly fascinating album cover—and one of my all-time favorites—is the one for Feist’s “The Reminder”, released in 2007. The cover artwork was created by Simone Rubi, an art director, designer, musician, and cook based in Los Angeles and Marfa.

Leslie Feist suggested that Simone come to her flat in Paris to work together on the cover. Leslie had recently seen a mural that Simone and her friend Nat Russel had done for a gallery in Los Angeles that featured two figures connecting together with a ton of colored threads.

Simone showed up in Paris with a giant suitcase, her guitar, and a bag of crystals that she had collected from Stockholm, stemming from her fascination with the way that light bounces and dances on and off surfaces.

She had decided that she really wanted the entire cover to be created physically, as opposed to having a bunch of elements tacked on digitally. Simone ended up making a hand-crafted typeface for the artwork, as well as a mural on the wall, using pins to attach the different colored threads. Meanwhile, Feist had actually decided that she didn’t want to be on the cover at all, a decision that ultimately led to the centerpiece of the cover. By showing Feist only under very particular lighting, the elegant silhouette was created. She’s there, but you can’t really recognize her.