Story Trading, Seattle Chocolate Co. — Jcoco Noble Dark Chocolate Bar

Based in Seattle, Jcoco is a line of chocolate that draws inspirations from cultures across the globe to create a new chocolate experience. Jcoco pushes their work to the edge by creating incredibly unique flavor combinations that are different and new, but not pretentious or overworked. Some of their flavors include Edamame Sea Salt, Vanuatu Coconut Pecan, Black Fig Pistachio, Agave Quinoa Sesame, and Arabica Cherry Espresso.

The identity and packaging designs were created by Story Trading, a Seattle branding company with a focus on creating and nurturing smaller retail and consumer brands. Seattle Chocolate Co. engaged Story to create something long-lasting and bold, inspired by the elegant simplicity they saw in the fashion industry.

Priced to compete at the high end of the chocolate category, Story was given the freedom to work with subtle refinements to a classic creative direction. The packaging has a highly sueded finish that almost feels like fabric, and the logo is finished with an subtle yet powerful copper foil stamp.