Ciguë, Emmanuel Barbe — Aesop Le Marais

We have never wanted to shy away from acknowledging the amazing density of talent in the design industry. Lovably is a tiny studio making whatever contributions we can to an immense field overflowing with an undeniable amount of history that we learn from and respect greatly. So instead of constantly boasting about our own projects, we’ve decided to honor some of the incredible work that designers all throughout the world have made a reality.

Today’s post comes from Ciguë, a Paris-based architecture firm whose purpose is—in their own words—to create and produce architecture, interiors, artworks and objects that combine intellectualism with craftsmanship and intuition.

They designed the interior of this retail store for Aēsop, an Australian skincare brand. The floor is made of poured concrete, the walls of coated polished concrete, and the basin of welded black steel. One of our favorite features is the choice of plants: moss on the inside, Parthenocissus Quinquefolia, vine maple, and Equisetum Japonicum on the outside.