The Digest

The Digest is a celebration of great design from artists all throughout the world, curated by Lovably, a creative studio in New York.

Rowan Made — Rosiegold

Rowan Made is a small design studio based in Minneapolis. Founded by Breanna Rose, Rowan Made specializes in branding and web design.

Featured is their lovely work for Rosiegold, an upcoming venture from Everly Clothing.

Andrew Nicolson — Rush

Andrew Nicolson is a designer living in Glasgow, Scotland, with over 15 years of working experience. He is currently a senior digital designer at Front Page, a Glaswegian branding studio.

Featured is one of Andrew’s contributions to Poster Project, an exhibition from Front Page that showcases interpretations of a single word, chosen randomly from the dictionary, as an A2 poster.

Stockholm Design Lab — Nordiska Museet

Our second time this month featuring their work, Stockholm Design Lab is Swedish creative studio with a global focus. Displayed is their product design for Askul, a Japanese company that, in their own words, “keeps Japan stocked with everything it needs to work”. Askul and Stockholm Design Lab (SDL) believe that even the most mundane of products—the battery—can be designed in such a way that it can become new, fun, and desirable.

Since SDL became involved in the product design process, more than 230 million batteries have been sold.

Geometry Global — Leica Camera

Geometry Global is an award-winning marketing agency based in Frankfurt, Germany. Featured is their work for Leica Camera to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the German optics company.

This typographic poster is designed to resemble the shape of a lens, honoring a century of iconic Leica photography without ever showing a single photograph.

Stockholm Design Lab — Nordiska Museet

Stockholm Design Lab is, yes, a Stockholm-based studio with a global focus. Featured is their work for a 2013 exhibition opening at Nordiska Museet (The Nordic Museum), a cathedral-esque landmark on Stockholm’s Djurgården.

Nordiska Museet is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history, with 1.5 million everyday objects in its collections. Some pieces date all the way back to the 16th century, some date back to last year.

Mousegraphics — Harmonian

Mousegraphics is a creative studio based in Melissia, Athens-Greece. Featured is their eye-catching work for Harmonian, a health-conscious food company. In line with Harmonian’s values, recycled materials were chosen whenever possible throughout their product line.


Virgil Pana — Faicco's Italian Restaurant

Romanian freelance designer Virgil Pana’s lovely work for Faicco’s Italian Restaurant. Photos by Vanessa Rees.