The Digest (December 2016)

Lovably — "The Digest"
Issue #006 for December 2016
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Quote from "Eyes on the Street: The Life of Jane Jacobs"
Robert Kanigel / 2016

“For the first time I liked school and for the first time I made good marks. This was almost my undoing because after I had garnered, statistically, a certain number of credits I became the property of Barnard College at Columbia, and once I was the property of Barnard I had to take, it seemed, what Barnard wanted me to take, not what I wanted to learn. Fortunately my high-school marks had been so bad that Barnard decided I could not belong to it and I was therefore allowed to continue getting an education.”

— Jane Jacobs / 1997

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About The Digest

We have always strived to acknowledge the amazing density of talent in the design industry, so we created The Digest, a humble online series and email newsletter that is dedicated to honoring some of the incredible work we see from artists all throughout the world.


Lovably Inc. is a New York creative studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas using thoughtful, purpose-driven design.

What's New?


Blok — Nota Bene

Toronto, Canada

Since 1998, Toronto-based creative studio Blok has been working with people from all over the world on projects that blend cultural awareness and a love of fine arts.

Featured here is their work for Nota Bene, a local restaurant that uses seasonal ingredients to create a menu that is detailed and meticulous.

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Tom Jueris — Miyu
Hamburg, Germany

Tom Jueris is a freelance art director, designer, and artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Featured here is the packaging that he designed for Miyu, a small shop in China selling homemade honey-fruit teas.

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Rowan Made — 1913
Minneapolis, USA

Rowan Made is a small design studio based in Minneapolis and founded by Breanna Rose that specializes in branding and web design.

The studio was in charge of this beautiful branding and print design for 1913, a restaurant and wine bar located in the suburbs of Chicago.

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Hidden Moves — The Morning After
Swansea, United Kingdom

Rhys Owens, who works under the name Hidden Moves, is a digital artist and designer from Swansea in South Wales, United Kingdom. He sells his work directly to customers online in a simple, honest way.

“I’ve studied graphic design, life drawing, technical illustration, some ceramics,” Owens says. “But digital art pays the bills—which is good news, because I can’t throw a clay pot to save my life.”

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Design by Pidgeon — Geelong Gallery
St Klida, Australia

Design By Pidgeon, an award winning Australian graphic design studio run by David Pidgeon, works across cultural, commercial, retail and government sectors to create, in David’s words, “a curious mix of playful yet intelligent, precise yet intuitive output”.

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Kieran Harrod — Daisy Grace
Stockholm, Sweden

Understated yet endlessly intriguing, this tag for Stockholm-based fashion brand Daisy Grace uses holographic foils to create a beautiful design that changes as you move it in your hand.

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A huge thank you to all of our clients, who helped to make 2016 our best year yet.
We are unbelievably grateful to have worked with each and every one of you,
and we look forward to seeing many old and new faces in 2017.
Here's to a happy and healthy New Year for all.

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