The Digest (November 2016)

Lovably — "The Digest"
Issue #005 for November 2016
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"A Woman Speaks"
Audre Lorde / 1968

Moon marked and touched by sun   
my magic is unwritten 
but when the sea turns back 
it will leave my shape behind.   
I seek no favor 
untouched by blood 
unrelenting as the curse of love   
permanent as my errors 
or my pride 
I do not mix 
love with pity 
nor hate with scorn 
and if you would know me 
look into the entrails of Uranus   
where the restless oceans pound. 

I do not dwell 
within my birth nor my divinities   
who am ageless and half-grown   
and still seeking 
my sisters 
witches in Dahomey 
wear me inside their coiled cloths   
as our mother did 

I have been woman 
for a long time 
beware my smile 
I am treacherous with old magic   
and the noon's new fury 
with all your wide futures   
I am 
and not white.

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About The Digest

We have always strived to acknowledge the amazing density of talent in the design industry, so we created The Digest, a humble online series and email newsletter that is dedicated to honoring some of the incredible work we see from artists all throughout the world.


Lovably Inc. is a New York creative studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas using thoughtful, purpose-driven design.

What's New?


Brian Oldham — Untitled

Los Angeles, USA

Brian Oldham is a 23-year-old fine art photographer and visual artist hailing from Southern California.

In his own words: “My passion for creating blossomed at a young age as I experimented with self-portraiture and taught myself how to create freely. I make art to replace the words I cannot fathom; each thread holding a love for all things strange and beautiful. I strive to bring life to quiet whispers at the back of my mind, to make whole the ghosts of my experiences.”

Brian is currently living and working near the Los Angeles area and is available for commissioned work internationally. Needless to say, we love Brian’s work.

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Lo Siento — Design Museum of Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful print work from Lo Siento for the Design Museum of Barcelona’s grand opening back in 2013.

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Wang Zhi-Hong — New Rain Publisher
Taipei, Taiwan

Wang Zhi-Hong is a graphic designer based in Taiwan who started his studio in 2000. The studio is focused on design solutions in the fields of publication, art, architecture, film and music. Since 2008, Wang has been collaborating with trade publishers in launching his imprints, Insight and Source, featuring translated titles on art and design, such as the works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Taku Satoh, Tadanori Yokoo, Takuma Nakahira and Rei Kawakubo.

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Curate Labs — Curate Magazine (Issue Nº4)
Brighton, UK

Curate Labs is the studio of Abb-d Choudhury and Sara Scobie, who believe that thoughtfulness and consideration lead to great design.

In addition to taking on commissioned work, Curate has also created a project of their own called Curate Magazine, which is a beautiful online publication dedicated to being a platform for writers and artists around the globe.

Curate Magazine is absolutely stunning—one of the most gorgeous and thoughtfully laid out websites that we have ever laid our eyes on, to be honest—and we cannot recommend enough that you check it out for yourself at

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Jenny Johannesson & Aristide Benoist — Portfolio
San Francisco, USA & Paris, France

Stunning new portfolio for Sweden-born, San Francisco-based digital designer Jenny Johannesson. Created by herself and Paris-based developer Aristide Benoist, the portfolio uses motion  creatively and in a way that very few websites do.

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Hatch Inc. — Northernism
London, UK

Wonderful online store built by Hatch Inc., a designer duo based in London. Northernism is a store born from the passion to collect handmade goods from designers and craftsmen whose tastes and ideals align with Northernism’s founder, Marlies Neugebauer, as well as the rest of her team.

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We wish you a happy and healthy December.

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