The Digest (October 2016)

Lovably — "The Digest"
Issue #004 for October 2016
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"For You Today"
Jessica Greenbaum / 2012

Of course there is a jackhammer. And a view, like Hopper,
but happier. Of course there is the newspaper—the daily
herald of our powerlessness. Easy go, easy come: thwash,
the next day another, an example of everything that gets done
in the dark. Like the initiative of the crocuses from a snow 
that was, as it works out, warming them. Or in this case,
the strange October weather warming them. There were the
conclusions we jumped to. To which we jumped. There was
pain, and then there was suffering. Of course there was my
ambition to offer you the world, but one that I have rearranged 
to make sense. Here are all the sensations of being alive
at the turn of the twenty-first century, here’s how they ring out
against each other, here’s how one brings out the sense of 
another, here is the yellow next to the fathomless blue.

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About The Digest

We have always strived to acknowledge the amazing density of talent in the design industry, so we created The Digest, a humble online series and email newsletter that is dedicated to honoring some of the incredible work we see from artists all throughout the world.


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Señor — Matković

Zagreb, Croatia

Matković aims to create high quality wines and offer them for reasonable prices. The company rejects typical marketing tactics such as using big, colorful labels and shiny ads, instead opting to champion honesty. Absolutely timeless design work from Señor, a creative studio based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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Mother — 30 Park Place
New York City, USA

Mother is an acclaimed creative studio based in New York City. Since its founding, Mother has built up an impressive client list, working with companies such as Calvin Klein, CB2, Google, Microsoft, and many more. Featured in this entry is some of their work for 30 Park Place, a luxurious mixed-use tower in the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

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Sveta Shubina & Manar Shajri — VGIK International Student Festival
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Sveta Shubina & Manar Shajri are a team of freelance graphic designers based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. They specialize in corporate identity and illustrations.

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Hey — Arrels Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 2015, Arrels is a Barcelona-based footwear brand inspired by the Mediterranean and its deep-rooted tradition of infectious rhythm, vibrant color, and endless creativity. Arrels is the dream of two cousins who believe that having a business should not preclude them from having fun. Arrel’s exuberant brand identity, art direction, and packaging are the work of local studio Hey.

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Aesop — Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Kit
Melbourne, Australia

Aesop is a skin, hair, and body care brand who source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients to create quality products that steer clear of the short-lived trends that are so prominent in the skincare industry. Established in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop has never been one to disappoint with their packaging design, and their Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Kit is no exception. Featuring medicine bottles and their signature utilitarian, type-heavy labels, Aesop continues to use design as an opinionated objection to the way that many beauty products of today are made and marketed.

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Tom Pigeon — Largo
Arncroach, Scotland

Pete and Kirsty Thomas founded their creative studio, Tom Pigeon, in 2014 after over two decades of working together across multiple design disciplines, for small and large businesses alike. Tom Pigeon designs prints, jewelry, and stationary in addition to taking on commissions on consulting work. This print is titled “Largo” and is hand-pulled using water-based inks in a Glasgow print workshop that is tucked away underneath a railway arch.

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