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Issue #021 for March 2018
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"I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar"
Robin Pecknold / 2017

I am all that I need
And I'll be till I'm through
And I'm light on my feet
Good to be without you
Distant light, distant dancer
Mute at midnight she might look like the answer
But I'm all that I need

So it's true, I've gone too far to find you
And the thumbprint scar I let define you
Was a myth I made you measure up to
It was all just water, winding by you
And the basking, gnashing, foaling, feeding
And the rising, falling, melting, freezing
And the raising for destroying feeling
(All we do, this repeats)
You've got all you need on me
And now I see that it's all corroding
Soonest seething, soonest folding
But the night won't last if you just hold fast, so calm down
(I'm hardly made of steel)
Tell me, are you so concealed?
(Can't I just go to sleep?)
You're no more so blind to me

Are you alone?
I don't believe you
Are you at home, I'll come right now
I need to see you
Thin as a shim and Scottish pale
Bright white light like a bridal veil
"I don't need you"
Cut to chewed through finger nails

I was a child in the ivy then
I never knew you, you knew me
Not like you knew me
Off on the other ocean now
All is behind you, all is sea

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