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Lovably — "The Digest"
Issue #002 for August 2016
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"August Morning, Upper Broadway"
Alicia Striker / 1937

As the body of the beloved is a window
through which we behold the blackness and vastness of space
pulsing with stars, and as the man

on the corner with his fruit stand is a window,
and the cherries, blackberries, raspberries
avocados and carrots are a rose window

like the one in Chartres, yes, or the one in Paris
through which light floods from the other world, the pure one
stabbing tourists with malicious abundant joy

though the man is tired in the summer heat
and reads his newspaper listlessly, without passion
and people pass his stand buying nothing

let us call this scene a window looking out
not at a paradise but as a paradise
might be, if we had eyes to see

the women in their clinging dresses, the season’s fruit
the babies in their strollers infinitely soft: clear window
after clear window

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About The Digest

We have always strived to acknowledge the amazing density of talent in the design industry, so we created The Digest, a humble online publication and email newsletter that is dedicated to honoring some of the incredible work we see from artists all throughout the world.


Lovably is a New York creative studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas using thoughtful, purpose-driven design.

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Anthony Neil Dart — Helder
Seattle, USA

Anthony Neil Dart is a multidisciplinary designer and artist living in Seattle, Washington. His design journey has taken him from South Africa, where he was born, to Canada, and finally to Seattle, where he creates stunning pieces of work such as this one, a poster from a collection titled “Helder”, that creatively blend typography with bold photography and other mediums.

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Studio Paradise — BeeBank Development
New York, USA

Paradise is a New York City design studio founded on the belief that impactful brands are built holistically. The company works to translate what their clients do into a singular and cohesive experience. Here is a beautiful logo they created for BeeBank Development.

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In Haus Press — Hello
San Francisco, USA

In Haus Press is a stationary brand in San Francisco, created by Treasa Ewing. Combining an enduring love of paper with a subtle eye for detail, In Haus Press launched in 2010, bringing beautifully understated stationary to those who appreciate handwritten notes.

In Haus Press’s hand-fed “slow printing” process emphasizes manual printing, all designed, printed, photographed, and packaged in-house with their three antique printing presses.

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PFP, disseny gràfic — BCN Design Tour
Barcelona, Spain

This brochure was created by PFP, disseny gràfic for Barcelona Design Tour, which submerges residents and visitors alike deep into Barcelona’s world famous design culture.

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Nicole Rifkin — Illustrations
Brooklyn, USA

Nicole Rifkin is a Brooklyn—based illustrator who graduated from Pratt Institue with a BFA in Communications Design. We selected four of her stunning illustrations, but her body of work is far more extensive than we could possibly show here. Be sure to see her Instagram profile (@nicolerifkin) and website ( for more.

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Josephine Cardin — Tears As They Dry
Rochester, USA

Josephine Cardin is a fine art photographer and visual artist living and working in Rochester, New York. We love the boldness and stark beauty of this piece she did last year.

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