The Digest (July 2017)


"An Age of Miracles"
Joyce Carol Oates / 1975

He walked to the window
stared down twenty stories to the street
gaseous and dizzy as a swamp
not visible at this height
but there had been a street down there
and he knew

It came with the apartment
and the guarded foyers and halls
and the doorman
beneath the uniform
the television split-screening
front and rear entrances

He knew it was all there
and he was here twenty stories above
the unsetteled swamp-mist
he knew the trucks bound for the bridge
were still passing near
he could feel them rumbling
in the soles of his feet
so he knew

the floor he walked on
was someone's ceiling
and it was all normal tonight
and countable
a two-year lease because
a desirable
with full view of
a five-by-three balcony through the door is
$200 deposit
fully carpeted
self-defrosting refriger-
the balcony door is stuck but
He can stare twenty stories down
from the windowsill
watching the swamp smokes curl and thin
and the swamp lapping at the base
and the unpaid-for miracle
one inch at a time

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We have always strived to acknowledge the spectacular density of talent in the design industry, so we created The Digest, a humble online campaign that is dedicated to honoring some of the extraordinary work we see from designers and artists all throughout the world.


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Architecture for London — London Flat

London, England

With this stunning refurbishment of a flat in the Islington neighborhood of London, interiors firm Architecture for London showcase their tasteful, refined aesthetic.

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U-P — Annual Manual
Melbourne, Australia

U-P is an ideas-led creative consultancy based in Melbourne, with a satellite office here in New York City. Featured is their work for Object Gallery’s “Annual Manual”, an extensive guide to the Australian design scene.

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Alena Yudina — Apartment in Kiev
Kiev, Ukraine

This unique apartment for a small family was designed by Alena Yudina, an interior designer based in Kiev, Ukraine. Overflowing with plants, the project is simultaneously serene and full of life.

Not Only White — Fuse Basin
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Not Only White is a design-centric home brand founded by Marike Andeweg in 2010. Featured is their elegant Fuse basin, which is made from white Cristalplant, a recyclable material with a texture similar to natural stone.

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Studio South — Meg’s Tailoring
Auckland, New Zealand

Studio South is an award-winning design consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Featured is a sample of their elegant branding and packaging work for Meg’s Tailoring, a well-loved neighborhood tailor.

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Coll-Barreu Arquitectos — Basque Health Department Headquarters
Bilbao, Spain

Built in 2008, the new Basque Health Department Headquarters is located in the central business district of Bilbao, Spain. The building features a double façade that, aside from being aesthetically remarkable, has pragmatic benefits, such as fire-resistance and acoustic insulation. The design also allows for the elimination of traditional air-conditioning, resulting in reduced sound and air recirculation within the building.

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