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Issue #012 for June 2017
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"Houston in the Early Eighties"
Jessica Greenbaum / 2009

before iced coffee came to town, a sump from which I’ve fished
many a memory of regret and loneliness and whose misery 
I now understand came less from my pocked nature than from 
the chokehold of blue laws, and from my broken-willed Eeyore 
of a used car which liked to stop stubbornly in Sealy, halfway to 
Hill Country, and always one day after the insurance ran out, 
and from the paucity of public space so that we drove (locally) 
from shopping strip to balding park, once to a leech-infested pond; 
and owing also to the blinding afternoons that made invisible,
to the unpracticed eye, micro-lands of existing urban hip, or just a bench 
on which to read the paper, the scarce sense from city planners 
that those residents without garden-crusted homes held their own set
of municipal needs which might take the form of some kind of . . .
beauty; together with the impossibility of finding deep 
shade or hearing wind flash through trees, the abundance of short 
rain storms or hurricanes, both of which, equally, caused water to boil 
out of the sewers and flood the car (which wouldn’t, then, even be 
starting out to break down in Sealy without borrowing again 
to fix it); and the living rooms’ glass sliders opening without apology 
onto the apartments’ walkway and courtyard, motel-style, 
furthering the shallow sense of experience; and all this witnessed
by two small universities whose meek students made no protest 
that their third-largest city in the United States—a town sporting more 
soft-food cafeterias than all the chipped-beef eaters in the world 
could possibly attend at once—offered but two art cinemas 
and nearly nowhere to wander or peruse, nowhere to make peace 
with the simple fact of your twenties; and on such a day as this, 
the one I walked through this morning in late June, on such a day 
we would have gathered those friends we could draw from their corners, 
their condos, their garage apartments humming to beat the cicadas, 
and we would meet in one driveway with a particular lock-and-key 
of desperation-and-relief I have been lucky enough not to feel since,
a collective village slamming the doors on our town, plugging in 
a tape as we took off for Galveston because if it was going to be endlessly 
flat it might as well be on a beach regardless of the soupy knee-high water 
or the thwapping mullets jumping out of it, and we might as well be
together on a blanket in the middle of the desert drinking something 
cool enough to slake one of all our many raging, hissing thirsts.

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Bedow — Mikkeller

Stockholm, Sweden

Bedow is a Stockholm-based design studio founded by Perniclas Bedow, a Swedish designer who lost his day job at an established advertising agency. Trying to impress Stockholm’s big design shops with, in Perniclas’ words, “a lousy portfolio” wasn’t working out, so he decided to start an independent studio.

Featured is Bedow’s absolutely gorgeous (and award-winning) packaging design for Mikkeller, a microbrewery founded in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Fagerström — Botánico
Madrid, Spain

Fagerström is an independent design studio based in Madrid, Spain. Featured is their tasteful branding and packaging work for Botánico, a Spanish wine line.

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Matt & Nat — Bee
Montréal, Canada

Founded in Montréal in 1995, Matt & Nat is vegan leather brand making beautiful handbags, wallets, shoes, and more. From the start, the company has been committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs.

Each season, Matt & Nat continues to explore innovative ways to remain sustainable and nature-friendly. For example, since 2007, all bag linings have been made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. More recently, materials made from recycled bicycle tires have been introduced into some of the brand’s detailed collections.

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Destilat — Apartment H+M
Vienna, Austria

Destilat is an architecture and design studio based in Vienna, Austria. Featured is their redevelopment of a 130 sq. m (~1,299 sq ft) apartment in a classic Viennese building. The home was opened up in an effort to meet the requirements of contemporary lifestyles. The kitchen was integrated into the living area, which freed up space for an additional children’s room. The apartment beautifully blends old architecture with modern furniture and finishes.

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Geronimo Balloons — Squarespace
New York City, USA

In celebration of Pride Week here in New York City, our good friends at Squarespace teamed up with Geronimo Balloons to create a stunning rainbow blossom at the company’s Lower Manhattan headquarters.

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Pentagram — Van Leeuwen
New York City, USA

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. With offices in London, New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, and Austin, the firm is owned and run by 21 partners who are leaders in their individual fields.

Featured is Pentagram’s branding and packaging work for Van Leeuwen, a New York City ice cream shop started in the Spring of 2008.

What began in the kitchen of a shared Brooklyn apartment has grown into a mini ice cream empire with stores and trucks in NYC and LA, and pints in grocery stores around the world.

For the record, Van Leeuwen makes the best vegan ice cream (made of cashews!) that we have ever had — and we’ve had our fair share of vegan ice cream.

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We wish you a happy and healthy July.

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