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Lovably — "The Digest"
Issue #001 for July 2016
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July 2016

Hello — Dylan here, I started and run Lovably.

About two months ago, we began a new initiative to rethink our Instagram and Facebook feeds, which were both a messy mix of boring self-promotion and sudden temporary silences. We’re a branding company at heart, yet we neglected our own brand for way too long, which was embarrassing. Since making these changes, I’ve been quite proud of the results, so of course the next logical step is to expand on our ideas and make something even more interesting.

What we came up with was The Digest: A celebration of great design from artists all throughout the world, delivered to your email inbox once per month.

We have always strived to acknowledge the amazing density of talent in the design industry. We contribute to an immense field overflowing with an undeniable amount of history that we learn from and respect greatly. So instead of simply boasting about our own projects everywhere, and instead of only emailing our beloved customers when we have a new service to sell, we have decided to dedicate our voice to sharing the amazing work of others.

Once per month, you will receive a small selection of great design from our daily feed, along with a short story in place of the letter that you’re reading right now. We will never bombard you with emails, because we’re not jerks, and we will do our best to pick inspiring and thought-provoking work to share each month.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this new direction, and I invite you to join the conversation by sending us a friendly email. Thank you so much for following along, and we wish you a happy and healthy August.



Lovably is a New York creative studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas using thoughtful, purpose-driven design.

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LINEOFFICE — San Francisco Loft
San Francisco, USA

Here’s an elegant 2013 interior renovation of a 1,200 loft in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Designed by local architectural studio LINEOFFICE, the sleek new elements were designed to contrast the existing wooden columns and structural beams without overpowering the space.

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Benjamin Wilkerson Tousley, William J. O'Brien, Amelia Bauer — "Veckatimest" by Grizzly Bear
Brooklyn, USA

One of Dylan's own personal favorite album covers (and albums) from the past ten years has to be “Veckatimest” by Grizzly Bear. The cover really does a wonderful job at capturing the depth and texture of this album in a way that really has an impact on the way that the music is perceived. It’s layered, carefully complicated, and at the same time organic, just like the record itself.

The design direction was led by Benjamin Wilkerson Tousley, the artwork by William J. O’Brien, and the text hand-drawn by Amelia Bauer.

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Jonathan Toro — Global Warming Awareness Poster
Yonkers, USA

Here’s a beautiful poster from Yonkers—based graphic designer Jonathan Toro. He did this back in 2013, but we just found it this month and love it.

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BZR — Ombré Tights (Sky)
Seattle, USA

These lovely handmade tights from Seattle—based Etsy shop BZR are something special. While BZR produces a variety of different colors, we chose to feature their “Sky” tights, which are particularly beautiful. They go from violet to pink in a fantastically smooth way. Love it.

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Made Thought — Yauatcha (Packaging)
London, UK

Yauatcha is a high-end Chinese tea house and dim sum restaurant that aims to pair a retail-based tea shop with a more traditional restaurant atmosphere.

Made Thought, a London—based design studio, is responsible for Yauatcha’s gorgeous brand identity and packaging design. The studio took on the challenge of designing the packaging to house a wide offering of products, from ceramic tea sets to rare teas to scented candles.

The end result is a wonderfully delicate and calming direction that really helps to define the voice and values of Yauatcha.

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Hyperakt — NAACP Annual Report
New York City, USA

Beautiful work done by New York’s Hyperakt on the graphic design for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s 2008 annual report.

Following the historic election of President Barack Obama that year, Hyperakt designed a report that highlighted the potential of voting as the most fundamental engine of power, justice, and freedom.

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