Jenny E. Balisle

Jenny E. Balisle

Exploring a variety of different disciplines such as drawings, acrylic installations, paintings, video, and audio, artist and instructor Jenny E. Balisle needed a website that displayed her work in a way that was cohesive, modest, and unassuming.

Jenny came to us with a big problem: She had a fossil of a website that was complicated, disorganized, and difficult to maintain. With so much accomplished, it was a struggle to present her work in a way that didn't feel cluttered or overwhelming. Even more so, her old site was so technically complex that it was nearly impossible for her to add new work on her own without having to go out and hire a computer scientist every time she finished a painting.

We used Squarespace to carefully create a foundation for her existing and future work. The layout of the site is organized and obvious, and Squarespace's gallery features are friendly enough to allow Jenny to keep on top of it.



Digital + Interactive

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